YardTopia – Front Yard and Back Yard Landscaping Ideas

Sometimes, it’s easier to design your house than it is to design your yard. This can be because your yard is cramped, hard to navigate, or too big to put a lot of money into- but all it really takes is a new perspective to make your yard spectacular. Plus, every dollar that you spend on your new front and back yard landscaping pays off dividends on the end value of your home, so go crazy!

You might also think that it’s exceptionally time consuming or difficult to maintain your yard, but it could be easier than you might think! In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best tips to bring your front and back yards to life. After you get started, you’ll learn just how fun front and back yard design can be, and how much curb appeal and popularity it will truly brings your property. Your friends and neighbors will be in awe of your style and design after implementing just a few of the great tips suggested in this article.

Your front yard is the first thing that people see, so it should make a statement. A well manicured and maintained yard can drastically improve the value of your house, and make you much more likely to show it off. The following four tips will guarantee that your house is the best-looking house on the block, making everyone stop and turn their heads (and maybe even ask who decorated it).

Give Your Home Feng-Sui and Balance

Take a few minutes and write down some of the calmest seeming things you an think about. We would bet that your list includes wooden fences, flowers, mulch, shade from trees, established shrubbery and path landscapes. To achieve this “Zen” peace and tranquility, you have to take a few steps to ensure that everything is set in place to provide the optimum grow area for your new front yard landscape.

We suggest creating a garden, but one that requires minimized trimming and maintenance. We immediately surrounded ours with a small fence for privacy and started small shrubs in the hopes that in a few years the shrubbery would provide a more contemporary landscaping cover for our children playing in the back yard.

To make sure that your plants are regularly hydrated and pest free, we suggest using mulch. It’s easy to care of, keeps down weeds, and retains water. You should also choose evergreen tree varieties that minimize upkeep to give you free time.

Implement Shrubs, Trees and Garden Beds to Add Elegance

We’ve found that foliage, shrubs, and trees sometimes make the best fences. They’re informal but private, easy to care for but decorate, and great for edging your garden beds, property, and even areas of your lawn. When adequately planned, planted, and well-maintained, shrubs and foliage can be just the feature you need to make your house stand out in an inexpensive way.

When you’re trying to be fancy, you can use river rocks to help accent your shrubbery. Pick a location several feet wide and use an easy-to-care-for and maintain flower or grass (such as Japanese forest grass, Mexican flower grass, French lavender, New Zealand flax, hedge lavender, or butterfly bush).

Create Canvas With Your Plants and Trees

You shouldn’t place flowers just anywhere, nor should you plant trees in places where they wouldn’t be helpful. Try to create a hideaway, or a nook in the woods. You can use design elements like patios or benches to create this nook; and it’s a great place to show of your favorite trees and plants. I’ve found that if I work to plant larger trees in three or four feet circular patterns, I can afford to plant smaller shrubs and bushes between them, and still manage to coordinate a hide-away, effectively allowing me to see the street without my neighbors gawking at me.

I’ve also found that using tall plants and reeds can be as effective for ground-cover as a bush or shrub, plus they only take a portion of the time to grow. They’re exceptionally low maintenance too, guaranteeing that you’ll have the most privacy as you can without sacrificing your time, your water, or your energy making difficult to maintain plants grow. A neat grouping of annuals or perennials can dress up your front yard landscape as well, as long as they’re planted structurally to ensure even growth in well-defined beds with edges (like rubber tubing) to prevent weeds from growing in your flower beds.

Pebbles, Planting, and Paving Stones

Pebbles and paving stones give you a no-fuss elegance when it comes to your front yard, providing a well-defined path through your yard. this can prevent damage to turf or flowers, as well as preventing weeds in areas that guests are going to see first (your front yard landscape). If you place them right, you can use large groups of stone and plants like coneflowers or black-eyed Susan to keep planting as easy as possible.

Your backyard should be more than a pool and a barbecue! With just a little bit of forethought and planning, you can extend your living space into the back yard, and make the most out of your living space. You should feel compelled to invite people over, stretch out and enjoy the sunshine, or just watch the clouds drift by from your porch, vegetable garden or flower garden- either way, it shouldn’t be boring!

Water Features Make Your Backyard More Interesting

It’s easier than you thought to make a water feature for your home. Whether you opt for a fountain, stream, or pond, you don’t have to spend a lot to give your back yard trickling tranquility. To create a feature without actively digging up your lawn. All you have to do is invest in a pump to provide instant relaxation for anyone enjoying your back yard landscaping.

One of the easiest ways to make a backyard water feature is to gather a rock, buckets, and a great sump to push water. The only digging that you’ll have to do is the placement of your sump. It collects water and runs it through your pump (and all you have to do is set up a pot or collector to set up the water feature). You can even plant small plants, vegetables, or other types of flowers around your water feature to not only accent the water feature, but also enjoy a hydrating, cooling mist. Just make sure that you keep your fountain full!

Make Your Backyard Bountiful With a Backyard Garden

There are few things as valuable as a backyard garden, especially with the high prices of groceries in local supermarkets. You might think that starting a garden is difficult or expensive, but with a studied approach and a plan, you’ll find that you can grow practically anything!

Set up your garden with a geometric shape, and start small. Pick four or five of your favorite fruits and vegetables, and buy a sprinkler you can set an automatic timer for. Make sure that you put your garden in a place where it can get plenty of sunlight (while still has plenty of sunlight). Make sure that it’s easily accessible too, otherwise you won’t regularly go pick your bounty of veggies.

Create a Winding Path for Your Thoughts

Imagine your tranquility walking down a carefully lain path of boxwood hedges, rounded or squared off. You could lose yourself out there, following a well-defined path through your property. The best part of these paths are that you can implement all of your favorite things, like specific flower gardens, designated resting areas, or even your own private nook or meeting spaces. Winding paths not only provide an easy form of exercise, they’re also a proven way to reduce stress (with some rocks and bushes). Over time, your pathway can become more peaceful and serene as your shrubs provide more sun cover.

Using Texture and Layers to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Elevate your back steps or patio to give yourself a different view of the backyard. You can also implement stylish layers to your yard to compartmentalize the entire space. Try layering patio with furniture with concrete and other accessories. See how elegant this look can feel, especially combined with lush flowers and shrubbery that fill up empty space.

In Conclusion: Implementing Better Yard Designs Improves Your Home’s Value

You owe it to your home to implement these front and back yard landscaping ideas. They’ll allow you to maximize your living spaces, integrate your hobbies, and make your friends and family envious. Plus, with all of the extra space, you’ll be able to make any backyard dream a reality- all it takes is forethought and planning!

Isn’t it time to really consider what great front yard landscaping and other simple backyard landscaping ideas can do for you? With a little contemporary landscaping, path landscapes, and shading your yard will be the very best yard on the block; fetching a much more appealing asking price from potential buyers. You’ll soon learn that front yard landscaping and back yard design are some of your favorite things to do!

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