Going Crazy? How To Keep Your Sanity While Remodeling

Remodeling your home is an amazing process that can turn your home from its current state to the home of your dream. The remodeled home will increase the perceived value and add to the actual comfort of your home. However, the entire process has many twists and turns making adequate plans and preparations cardinal. Though the process is tedious and hectic the benefits that accrue are enormous and worth the hump.

You can hire a contractor or do the job yourself depending on your work schedule. In the event you decide to act as the contractor in remodeling your own house, it is paramount to get a glimpse into the mind of a contractor since this will give you insights and invaluable ideas into remodeling the house.

If you are thinking of remodeling your home, below are some of the issues that you must consider in your quest to have the home you have always wanted.

Elaborate Research

If you need your remodel to go smoothly, it is important that you make every conceivable decision before the real work begins. It is imperative to get a good builder to take you through a list of situations that are likely to come up in the process.

Issues that are related to decision about things like faucet selection, paint and trim may seem trivial but shouldn’t be underestimated ,since they are a major source of delays. These small things when ignored have a tendency to balloon, causing unnecessary delays and inconveniences.

Contingency Fund

Busting the budget is everybody’s biggest worry when it comes to remodeling. It is very crucial to set aside about 5-20% of the budget to cushion you in case of a nasty surprise. With adequate strategic thinking about the materials, design and timing, you will definitely cut costs without necessarily cutting corners.

Do Not Live in The Home

Majority of people ignore the above rule, and is due to a good reason. Remodeling is quite expensive, and moving out only adds to the cost. However, it is advisable to try and reschedule some time away and set up a comfortable and clean place to retreat to when you can’t handle the mess and stress at the construction site.

Relocating also enables one to avoid being a source of distraction. It may sound off, but every time someone working on the project spends speaking t you will ultimately impact on the timeline and deadline on the job.

Never Work Without a Design Model

Remodeling project may require an interior designer, talented builder or an architect to help you generate a good plan with aesthetic value. In any circumstance never start to remodel without an elaborate floor plan. Several elements interact in space and this will enable you to spot the problems and challenges that may arise before the actual work commences.

Hire Reputable Contractors

Before you hire a contractor, it is very critical to check his reputation for availability and quality of work. The contractor should have a wide experience in the remodeling business. Good contractors have universal traits like quality workmanship, great prices and entirely committed to customer satisfaction.

The contractors should be properly insured and licensed with wide knowledge in roofing replacement, masonry walkways, vinyl siding, insulation, replacement windows , bathroom and renovations as well as stone and brick face. The contractor should also be easily available. This will ensure that the time of employees is not wasted.

Unwelcome Guests

Majority of homeowners may not mind the encroachment of non- pet or non -human creatures in their territory. It is a common occurrence during remodeling for rodents and insects to find their way in the tiniest of holes in the house. In case you suspect that the house might be compromised, you should arm you should arm yourself with traps and other mechanism to minimize their encroachment.

You should be cautious when using poison where there are children and pets lest they become the unintended targets. Rodents which succumb to poisoning may also make the house to stink for weeks when they die in the walls. It is highly advisable to make the house as inhospitable as you can. Always wash the dishes after every meal, and put all food in sturdy containers.

Makeshift Rooms

Bathroom and kitchen serve as the heartbeat of every house. When these rooms are being remodeled it goes without saying that you must find alternative rooms for the period of time the remodeling process will be taking place.

  • The Kitchen

To cut down the cost, you can use inexpensive metal shelves that will serve to store canned goods, pans, staples, pots and basic dishes. It is advisable to cover the dishes with tea towels to ward away insects and protect them from dust. Depending on the kitchenware you poses you can get an additional side table for storing the cooking utensils, silverware, boxes of foil and the sandwich bags.


Additionally you can acquire two tubs for washing and rinsing the dishes. To avoid hurting your back muscles, the dish washing station should be set up on waist high surface. This will ease the cleaning process and save your back from avoidable pain.

  • The Bathroom

Setting up a designated space for your bathroom should be a priority before you embark on the process of remodeling your house. The location for the makeshift bathroom should be private with shower curtains, sheets as well as blankets. For the toilet you can rent an outdoor toilet similar to those used in construction sites. In case you do not have reliable running water, the makeshift bathroom should have a large water tab for baths as well as a small basin for cleaning the hands and the face. Toiletries should be kept in the vicinity of the makeshift bathroom.

Dust Control

When dust is concerned, the buck stops with you. The contractors may do their level best to contain dust by draping plastics over places undergoing remodeling. However, it is incumbent upon you to use protective cover on sensitive materials such as electronics, computers and entertainment systems. The central air conditioning filters should be changed frequently to ensure they are in good working condition.it is also important to vacuum around as well as returns throughout the house.

Often times, contractors are responsible for cleaning up any mess at the end of the day. In case you are the one doing the job yourself ensure you reserve adequate time to clean and straighten things up before the night sets in.

Goals and Time Frame

Some remodeling projects can stretch from weeks to months and this can mess with your home if elaborate measures are not in place. Inadequate preparations can spell doom to your family and gravely disrupt your daily routine.

Your goals and deadlines concerning the remodeling process should be realistic and attainable. It is very crucial to assume a very pragmatic approach by factoring in all the elements and other eventualities that might arise. It helps to remain optimistic over the project but reality has a way of setting in.

When undertaking an extensive remodeling, there is a high likelihood that the process will take a longer duration that it was initially intended. Contractors have a reputation of being late as well as other delays from unforeseen circumstances. It is advisable not to make any elaborate plan within a short time after the deadline as this may lead to frustration to mitigate such delays from the contractors part, you can include a clause on the contract that penalizes them for not completing the work on the stipulated time.


When you are your own contractor, you should give yourself about triple the amount of time than you intend to use. This is due to the fact that interruptions are rife and come unexpectedly. Unexpected disasters and mistakes are inevitable and it is crucial to be prepared to face any eventuality.

Don’t Get Bogged Down

Remodeling your home is not a walk in the park and it has the potential to drain all your enthusiasm and energy. In your quest to get the house that you have always wanted, some inconveniences are inevitable and you must brace yourself for them. Remodeling your home is stressful and you are likely to be overwhelmed by the budget and other critical decisions that you must make.

You will camp outside your own house with enthusiasm which will eventually fade out with time. Treat yourself by getting a break and make the entire process fun and memorable. You should take this experience in stride and maintain a cheerful attitude through the entire process as you will certainly reap the benefits in the end.


Remodeling your home helps add flair, style and function to the heart of your home. It may seem like an easy task but it requires great consideration before you embark on the process. The inconveniences and the disruptions that arise are a small price to pay compared to the enormous returns that accrue. Remodeling will pay off definitely in the end if you approach the process wisely and have realistic expectations. Remodeling will increase the value of the home, energy efficiency as well as make the home very appealing. It is important to bear in mind that proper planning and objectivity always goes a long way.

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