Top 10 Quick Home Fixes to Give Your House That Dream MakeOver

Having a home that is beautiful, welcoming and appealing is a dream that every homeowner has at the back of their mind. In the recent years, quick home fixes have become the way to go. There are simple steps that you as the home owner can take to transform your home into that dream home that you have always wanted without having to spend lots of cash in the process. This article will serve as a guideline on some of the do it yourself home fixes.

1. Playing Around with The Windows

Windows are a simple way to allow light into the house as well as allow you enjoy your outdoors while still in the house. What you choose to do with your windows can give your home quite a transformation. There are different ways to add beauty to the windows, such as adding blinders, curtains or draperies. All these come in different colors and styles that you, the home owner can choose from to fit the theme of your home. Curtains that flow from ceiling to floor will add luxury to your bedroom. The Parisian Bistro will add life to your dining area. Whatever you choose to go with, they are all available in the market in different colors and styles.

2. Choose a Different Color of Paint

Painting a home is another way to give your home a quick fix in a few hours and it goes a long way. Painting is one way to choose a theme for your home. The varieties of paints in the market today are so many. Get out of that comfort zone, whereby you only think of white and cream as the only colors for your home. The beauty of a home lies in the colors you choose to play around with. Get a lime green paint for your kitchen area, baby blue for your bathroom and you will see the magic in it.

3. Define Your Home with Area Rugs

Area rugs are another option for those who want to transform your home with a quick fix . These rugs come in different shapes and colors for you to choose from. Adding a rug to go a long way to adding life to the color theme of your home. Your children will also have no problem sitting on the floor since rugs are warm and comfortable. The different themes, patterns and styles that rugs have to offer, you will be amazed by how much they can do to your home. Try putting a rug next to the bookshelf, or at the middle if a group of chairs or any other open area in your home.

4. Add a Sofa or Couch to Your Living Room

Sofas and couches come in a wide variety with different colors, designs and styles. The living room is the best area to add a couch or sofa. Imagine having a sleep sofa, this will not only add life to the room, but it will also increase in functionality. Having an additional sofa in the room that matches the paint or curtains will surely give your home that quick fix in the blink of an eye.

5. Have a Different Seating Arrangement

In most homes, you will notice that furniture is arranged in a way that it faces the television. You will be amazed at how much your home will change if you rearrange the furniture as one of the quick home fixes. Try having a u-shaped sort of arrangement, this will not only change the room, but it will also shift people’s attention to the walls and encourage conversations. Other great home fixes include having more than one sitting area. This will work for those who have enough space. One can be around the television, another around the fireplace or even an armchair facing the outdoors just to enjoy the view.

6. Choose Different Functions for Your Rooms

There are certain areas in your home that you rarely use such as the guest bedroom which is only used when you have guests sleeping over and is idle for the better part of the year. Why not turn this into an office, study room or play house for your children. For that dining area that you rarely use, why not transform it into a piano area. You only have to think outside the box and make your rooms into enjoyable living spaces. If you have a balcony, you can choose to have flowers or put a simple couch and small round table where you can sit and enjoy a beautiful view.

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7. Add Life to Your Bedroom

Most people tend to overlook the bedroom since not many people will see it. It is one of the rooms that is considered to be private. This is a place you only consider when you are going to sleep and store your clothes. You will be amazed by how much you can do in your bedroom when considering to quickly fix and transform your home. You can turn your bedroom into one of the rooms that you feel at peace and enjoy relaxing in it. Make that bedroom lively by using bed linen that is beautiful and lively. Match your pillowcases and sheets and top up with a duvet cover that will match what you feel. You don’t have to use a single set of these. Have as many as you can for you to alternate regularly.

8. Light Up Your Home

When considering a quick fix to transform your home, most people forget the lighting part. Others look at it as a demanding task where you have to call the electrician to do it for you. There are strips that you can buy and stick at the bottom of your cabinets or bottom facing strips near your dressing mirror.

Having lamps at your doorways makes the home look gorgeous. You can hang lamps around your balcony as well. Reading lamps also add life to the house. When they are correctly placed you will enjoy reading comfortably. I have also seen homes that have candles in the hallways and they look great, not forgetting lamp shades beside the bed.

9. Use The Magic of Art in Your Home

Art is a way to express what you feel and love and this is a way to compliment your home. It goes a long way when it comes to a quick home transformation. Most people are worried about hanging the right size of painting at the right place. The best thing to have in mind is to do what you feel like. Just make sure what you hang is not too high or too low. Another thing to have in mind is that art does not have to be a painting. You can have a family photo, Mirrors, animal carvings, souvenirs or anything that is eye-catching for that matter. Art is a way to bring uniqueness to your home.

10. Invest In Storage

This is one of the silent, quick home fixes. How you arrange your things in the house can bring a whole lot of difference to the appearance. Each room requires its own sort of arrangement. The cutlery, silverware, chinaware, and glassware in the kitchen require arrangement for the kitchen to look appealing. Having storage cabinets in the kitchen that have glasses that slide over each other creates an appeal.

Hooks go a long way when it comes to hanging coats as you enter the house. The same applies to clothes on the bathroom and hand towels and aprons in the kitchen. You will find hooks that come in different style. Some have cartoon stickers for beauty. The bathroom is another area where you can implement storage techniques. Having a locker where you store your products such as medicine, facial products, toothpaste and the like will make the bathroom look great. When it comes to shoes, why not invest in a shoe rack. It will make your room look organized at all times.


In conclusion, these are just some of the few ways you can have quick home fixes that will transform your home. There are many styles to choose from, all which depend on your budget. Many of these transformations are easy to play around with and they will create a whole new experience for you. Since they are simple, it will not take much of your time trying them out. You do not have to try all of them, choose one that will work best for your home and play around with it to achieve the best look.

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